school and workbox excitement!!

First I just have to share my 5 year old’s new *hobby*. He is writing a book! I don’t know how far he plans on taking this but so far he has this:::the title page and a couple illustrations. The title is “Alien Boy Goes to Earth.” It is very important to him that everyone knows the E’s are made like that on purpose….aliens are strange so of course the E’s must be too!

Now I must apologize for the lack of quality in these pictures. I forgot my camera at the inlaws house so I am using my phone camera.

Also I still have to finish cutting all these out and laminating them. I was just too excited to wait!! =)

Tracing cards.

These will be lacing cards once they are laminated and hole-punched.
The first visual of our workboxes. Still working on putting it all together, but the ideas for using them are flowing!! So excited to get started!!
Several cvc flash cards.
Dominoes….let’s see, I printed colors, shapes, dots, and numbers. FUN!!
Astronomy flash cards. My husband suggested I print a second set so the boys can play Memory.

August 3rd (our back to school date) cannot get here fast enough!!! Actually, I do have quite a bit more to finish so July can hang around for a while longer. 😉

Look what I made today!!!

I was so excited to share this that I left off three more pieces to this set! lol Also I plan on replacing the ribbon with a ring. We are currently moving things around in the house, rearranging so things are scattered everywhere and I can’t find my rings. Then I’d like to embellish it like Traci did. (blog link below) I messed up one of the pages with the title on it so I just made my own with some scrapbook supplies. =)

Thanks to Traci for the idea and link.
I have a few more printed and cut. I just need to laminate them. I LOVE these little ring books!! They will be the perfect for the workbox system!

workbox system

Have you seen this yet? I heard about it on the WTM boards and started doing a little online research. I found Sue Patrick’s website and several blogs with pictures of how they implemented her system. I am in LOVE!!

Now I’m trying to figure out how to do this myself. I know, with my two littles running around, the original system won’t work in my house. I am thinking of putting a few shelves up at a managable level for my two oldest boys, and then putting the boxes there. Same idea, just a little higher up. =)

I eventually want to do this for all four boys. I found another WONDERFUL blog while googling the workbox system….Walking by the Way (link below) This mama does tons and tons of fun preschool activities with her little one. My boys would LOVE all those activities….and to have them so organized each day!!

Here is a list of just a few blogs I found that talk about this system: