4th of July activities

This 4th is a special one for our family!! Kaleb turns five on the 29th of June and requested a 4th of July/birthday celebration party. My birthday is July 2nd and he asked that we share a party too!!! Grilling, cake, ice cream, fourwheeler trailer rides, s’mores by the fire, fireworks, and camping with family and friends! I picked up all of the decorations (which aren’t many considering we’ll be outside), plates, and napkins from the Dollar Tree.
For the week before, I printed off some lapbook materials from Lapbook Lessons and the Live and Learn Press yahoo group. Plus I found some other printables at Enchanted Learning. I didn’t print everything from the LNL lapbook…just choose a few things.
Some other ideas for the week:
  • bake and decorate star-and flag-shaped sugar cookies
  • crafts from Enchanted Learning
  • coloring sheets printed from the internet (google)

I love the idea of having a mini-parade!! We may do that too!!

Mostly we’re looking forward to the big party on Saturday night! Kaleb requested an “Air Force.” I’m still working that out in my head! =)

Happy 4th!!