Butterflies!!! …and Apologia Gen Science!


This week’s science project doubles as our stART project!!  🙂

{Nathan’s science week is below.}

Kaleb and Gabriel have spent the last few days learning about butterflies.  We read the following books:

  • A Butterfly Grows/ Swinburne
  • Let’s Draw a Butterfly with Circles
  • Butterflies in the Garden
  • Butterfly and the Bog Beast (Magic School Bus)
  • The Usborne Complete First Book of Nature (butterfly and moth section)

We memorized The Caterpillar by Christina Bottelli  in FLL.

We talked about a butterfly’s life cycle and made this fun project.  Our very own pasta butterfly life cycle! 🙂

We made these cute little crafts.

Kaleb’s reaction:  “I liked all of the projects and books, and I like making the caterpillars.  I learned that when caterpillars turn into butterflies, they become insects. “

Gabriel’s reaction:  “My favorite part was making butterflies and making butterflies.  An insect has six legs.”


Nathan started Apologia General Science this week.  He has really enjoyed it so far.  He has completed two of the three experiments from Module one. 

The first experiment is Density in Nature-
“Objects or substances with atoms packed closer together are more dense than those with atoms packed more loosely.”

The second is Atomic Motion-
“The hotter the water is the faster the atoms move which causes the dye to be distributed faster than in the cold water.”