Some seriously cutie kindie printables

My little cutie kindergartener fully believes he should be working as long and hard as his brothers at his own schoolwork.  He totally doesn’t get why he should be finished so early. 

I added a few games. 

I added more work. 

I made the work harder. 

Still….he finishes before his brothers. {As he should since they are in 2nd, 4th, and 10th grades.}

So in an effort to appease him AND give myself the time needed with the older boys, I went on a search for cutie kindie printable games and activities that he can do himself….all day long…until he’s completely worn out…and ready for a break.
Of course I took my search to Pinterest….because that’s where all the super cool games and activities hang out.
Here are a few that I found:
The CUTEST and FREE Monsters Pack from A Mommy Talks.
This ADORABLE and FREE Fall Odd and Even sorting game from The First Grade Parade.
And this {$}  SWEET Fall math and literacy printable set from Mrs. McGinnis’ Little Sizzlers.
I’m looking for a few more so if you have {or know where to find} a fun free or almost free printable activity set, let me know!