My FAVORITE planner!

I attended the Teach Them Diligently convention last week….and it was AHHH-mazing!!  I’m working on that post but I had to share my excitement.
The fam and I went to Mardel last summer. I was looking for Explode the Code workbooks and a couple other things. Mardel is my all time FAVE store. I can easily browse for a couple hours in there. 
So while browsing, I found the 2013-2014 A Simple Plan planner. Fell in LOVE. And I was in need of a new planner. Also….it was on sale.  BONUS!
Grabbed it. Took it home. And started planning my year. LOVED my planner all year long and waited patiently for the new 2014-2015 planner to come out.
Then I missed the sale at Mardel.
I had determined I would just have to pay full price for it, even though I can’t stand to pay full price for anything! (It’s only $19.99…which is a GREAT deal anyway!)
I found out Mardel was going to be at the TTD convention so I impatiently waited…hoping maybe it would be on sale again.
IT WAS!! YAY!! Isn’t it pretty?!

While I’m sharing my excitement over my new planner, I thought I’d also share something I do a little differently with it.  Last year I started out by writing all the subjects down the side like the suggestion. I quickly realized that with four school-age kids and so many different subjects, it wouldn’t all fit. 
I experimented a little and came up with this solution.  I list their names down the side as well as a *Together* spot (things the middles do together like history and science). Each child then has six spots for their subjects. I still have to combine a couple of things like Language Arts for Nathan but I have plenty of room to fill in all of their subjects.
I love that there is just enough room for all five boys and a *Together*!! 
Here is an example of how I list the subjects. Now I can just put the lesson or page numbers on each day across the week. 

I LOVE these pockets on the inside front and back covers! Sturdy enough to hold my comp notebook with all my notes for the year!
If you want to check out the planner and see inside pages, go HERE!!
Can’t wait to share my TTD experience!!  Have an AWESOME week!!