Progressive Phonics

I ran across this website months ago.  I registered, but never went any further than looking.  I don’t know how many times I have gone back to the website, thinking I should be utilizing it somehow.  I mean, after all….FREE phonics lessons!!  Surely I could find a way to use it!!!!

Today I was searching the www looking for some free printables on Th digraphs because Kaleb is having some trouble with the voiced and unvoiced difference.  Then we added in THR and NGTH…and the child actually GROWLED at me!!!    Time for a lapbook or file folder game……or Progressive Phonics.  (Ok, well I still plan on finding a lapbook or file folder game, but during my search I remembered PP.)

I printed the books (for fresh stories…he isn’t thrilled with repeating the same few stories in Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading) and the handwriting pages.  During the printing I remembered that one of my two incredibly cool sils gave me a TON of phonics materials that they are finished with over Christmas break.  There were a couple more Th digraph books in the box too!!

You’ll notice if you download the books that there are two book pages on each paper.  I folded the paper in half and used a glue stick to keep it together.  Then I hold-pumched each folded sheet (not at the crease, but at the glued ends) and used book rings.  I actually have book 1 and 2 of the intermediate series on this set of rings and I plan on putting the rest of the books in this series with this set so they are all together.  I also printed the handwriting pages and a couple of the activities pages, but I will just 3-hole punch those and put them in his handwriting notebook.

I do recommend gluing the top, side, bottom, and crease to keep the page together.  I had to go back through some when I realized just gluing the sides together wouldn’t work.  I also recommend using a glue stick instead of school glue so you don’t get those wrinkles.

I skipped the beginner series since Kaleb is past that already, but I do plan on going back and making those books to have for Gabriel and Drake.

Kaleb is VERY excited to have all these new books to read!  I am excited to {finally} be using PP.  I can’t stand not having a reason to use a freebie!!

I don’t know how well this program would work independently.  I have seen it listed solo in other homeschool moms siggy lines on forum boards though so it might be great!  I love OPGTR, ETC, and BOB books too much to give those up though.  I think it will be a terrific addition to our current phonics plan!! 

(btw….just have to share because it excites me to no end all day, every day.  Kaleb is such a READER!!  ….and his MAMA is the one teaching him!!!  I just think that is SO very cool!  He finally agrees that he is a reader too!!  YAY me!!  YAY him!!)

school and workbox excitement!!

First I just have to share my 5 year old’s new *hobby*. He is writing a book! I don’t know how far he plans on taking this but so far he has this:::the title page and a couple illustrations. The title is “Alien Boy Goes to Earth.” It is very important to him that everyone knows the E’s are made like that on purpose….aliens are strange so of course the E’s must be too!

Now I must apologize for the lack of quality in these pictures. I forgot my camera at the inlaws house so I am using my phone camera.

Also I still have to finish cutting all these out and laminating them. I was just too excited to wait!! =)

Tracing cards.

These will be lacing cards once they are laminated and hole-punched.
The first visual of our workboxes. Still working on putting it all together, but the ideas for using them are flowing!! So excited to get started!!
Several cvc flash cards.
Dominoes….let’s see, I printed colors, shapes, dots, and numbers. FUN!!
Astronomy flash cards. My husband suggested I print a second set so the boys can play Memory.

August 3rd (our back to school date) cannot get here fast enough!!! Actually, I do have quite a bit more to finish so July can hang around for a while longer. 😉

Phonics and my almost five year old.

We have been sloooooooowly working with the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons workbook……and he does not like it. He stomachs it, I think, because I’ve told him this is how he will be able to read books by himself, something he really wants to do.

I decided we might as well try something else because we can =) and I want him to LOVE learning, not just get stuck doing it as a means to an end.

I’ve been reading reviews and doing my own research for a couple weeks now. I think we’re going with Explode the Code. It seems fun and engaging. I think he’ll enjoy it. We will start with the first set Ready, Set, Go to see how he does there, although I think he may be passed at least the first book already.

I found a used TM online for only $4 and I’m price shopping the set right now. I haven’t checked out our local Christian book store that carries homeschool supplies yet, but it looks like Ebay is the best way to go so far.

We will continue with 100 Lessons until we get the ETC books…hopefully soon!!