MEP math.

I have to say…..I LOVE MEP!!!

Granted, we’re only doing year one, and we’re only a week or so into it–but I LOVE IT!!

It is SO smart!! This math has Kaleb doing things that I didn’t even know he COULD do! I love the mental math. I love the different approach. I love it all.

I wish my oldest could do MEP independently. I’m afraid he’s had too many years of public school education to try changing right now. Also he struggles with math as it is. I don’t see how changing how he is taught math now will help that. He’ll continue with Saxon and supplement with the MEP worksheets. Maybe some of it will sink in anyway!

As for Kaleb and the littles, we’ll have to see. I still have and will use Saxon but probably as a supplement to MEP for now. I have heard that Saxon gives children a firm math foundation so I’m not ready to quit it just yet. I have to see how MEP does this first year with Kaleb.

I originally was afraid to use MEP as our main math because it is online. I could buy the materials….from the UK which I heard would cost an arm and a leg to ship. For now, I already have Kaleb’s workbook printed and bound for him. I just printed the first set of teacher lessons and I’m working on the other materials that are needed with these lesssons. I am only printing what is needed. I’ll just keep the teacher materials in a binder and have everything ready for Gabriel when he starts school.

I really hope it keeps going as well as it has been!!