Human Body study

To involve my littles more, we do short two-three week studies on different things. Just something fun and engaging to get them to love learning as much as I do.

So far we’ve done mini-studies on ocean life and volcanoes. We are now starting on the human body. Our county library system is small but offers a HUGE variety of books on the human body, from the easy collection to the older children….something for everybody. I just wish they had more visual or hands-on materials. After reserving several books on the library’s website, I started googling fun, interactive websites that teach about the human body.

Here are a few of what I found. Now I haven’t had a chance to really look into any of these websites yet. I just marked them as faves until I have time to actually go through them.

We also use for a lot of our printouts. It has been well worth the $20/year membership fee!!
I am now searching for some fun hand-on offline activities to complete our study.