History Fair!

Our homeschool group’s annual History Fair was this afternoon.  As usual, it was very interesting.  I love seeing all of the kiddos’ projects.  My favorite was the history of Taco Bell which had nothing to do with pregnancy cravings….  😉 

Kaleb participated this year.  He decided some time ago to do his project on the Little Rock Nine.  He became very passionate about discrimination after watching Remember the Titans and visiting an eastern AR museum which showcased the area’s all black and all white schools as well as a whole wall dedicated to a slave turned business owner.  It’s been an emotional experience for him because prior to this he didn’t even realize such painful discrimination existed.  Then to realize it happened (and still does) right here in our home state was mind-blowing for him. 

To help him in his research, we visited the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site earlier this month.  We enjoyed a lot of time there and learned SO much.  The people running the vistor’s center were amazing and then we talked with a couple of the school security people as we walked around the school (which is still a working school so we weren’t allowed inside). 

Kaleb continued to work on his project.  After he decided on what he wanted to include, we printed pictures and a timeline.  Then he put it all on his board last night. 

He was so nervous when we arrived at the history fair location!  After he spoke with the three judges, he came to me and said he didn’t think he did very well.  He said he was “shivering” the whole time he talked with the judges.  He was sure he would be in last place.

However he did an amazing job and won 1st place for his age division!  Needless to say, he was super excited. 

SO proud of him!  He is already planning next year’s topic! 🙂

Kaleb’s first history fair.

Kaleb participated in his first history fair with our homeschool group.  He had such a great time!!  His topic was King Tut.  We read books, did several internet readings, and watched some videos.  He dictated to me what he wanted on his board and then I typed it all up for him.  He picked out some pictures online that I printed and then we worked together to assemble his board.  The highlight for him was making the death mask.  He had so much fun and it was super easy to make.   I linked the instructions for the mask below the pictures. We added the beard by taping on an empty paper towel roll to the back of the face.

King Tut mask