Week in review: Feb 10-15

Monday-We had a FUN morning!! I had the opportunity to fill in as a babysitter for a women’s bible study led by our church. They meet in a bounce-around place!! 🙂  The boys had such a fun time with some of their church friends, and I got to meet some ladies from our church that I didn’t know. Made it home in time for lunch and then hit the books for a little while.

  • Elemental Science-We watched the following YouTube videos on glaciers. The boys especially loved the exploding glacier! Warning: It’s a LOUD video and I think there may be some inappropriate language at the very end. I just turned the volume all the way down.  This reminds me to caution you about YouTube videos. YouTube is an awesome educational tool. I love it!! However, the language in the video AND the comments under the video can sometimes be incredibly inappropriate for children. Be sure to preview videos before letting the kiddos watch them. 🙂  We also read from the Usborne First Encyclopedia of Our World and checked out the quick-links page.
  • We read about the Forbidden City in history, colored a coloring sheet, and did some map work. Gabriel was shocked that the emporers’ children had pet crickets. It did seem odd that they led them around on leashes.
  • Kaleb took a test on time and reviewed money in math.  Gabriel did some work with number bonds and long addition (the 2+2+2=6 kind).
  • Drake was excited to do MANY ETC pages!! That kid will be through book C in no time!
  • We did a fun art lesson with lines.

  • We read about Moses turning over leadership to Joshua, and reviewed all of the miracles God performed during the time of Moses.  We named the baby after THIS Joshua. 🙂 He is Bo’s favorite person in the bible.  So excited to share this book of the Bible with the boys.
  • Started a study on South Korea, did some lapbooking on ducks, and finished the Chinese dragons from last week. (also these are apparently the only pictures I took all week!)

    Tuesday-A FULL boring day of school to make up for all the fun we had this week.

    • Reviewed the capitals and counties so far in Asia.
    • Talked about the promises God made Joshua and how those promises relate to us today:
      • to prosper us
      • to help us be courageous
      • to be with us always
    • Finished another lesson in Who Is God? I wonder sometimes if the material is a little over their heads. I know it is for Drake but I’m not sure about Gabriel. Kaleb can easily narrate what we talk about every day and remembers when we review though. I know he’s remembering it but I’m not sure if he’s *getting* it. We did talk at length about our worldview and who/what are good/bad influences.  I do know Gabriel and Kaleb understand that much.  Afterward I let them take a TV break. As they surfed channels, they were discussing why the Disney and Cartoon Network channels are bad influences on their personal worldviews. They settled on a documentary about fast food which ended up being pretty eduational and interesting.  Kaleb, later on that evening, asked me if I thought a particular show that I sometimes watch was a good or bad influence on my worldview. I had to agree that it probably wasn’t the best choice for me. That was convincing enough for me to continue with Who is God? for now. 🙂
    • The rest of our school day followed nicely:
      • Gabriel’s reading is really picking up! I couldn’t believe how quickly he is being to read the short stories in OPG. I remember when this happened with Kaleb. So exciting to see another child grow a love of reading!!
      • Kaleb struggled with converting days to hours. It wasn’t his favorite part of the day! 🙂
      • Drake finished a cheap little math book I picked up for him. I’m trying to hold off starting MM until he’s in kindergarten but that boy just keeps asking for more and more math! I have one more math workbook for him and hopefully it will hold him until the fall.

    Wednesday-Another FULL boring day of school.

    • Read about Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible in SOTW, and did some map work.
    • Continuing in Daddy’s favorite book in the Bible, we read how Rahad protected Joshua’s two spies and the promise they made to protect her family.
    • In ES, we learned about the seashore:
      • Read about the seashore in our encyclopedia book.
      • Defined the word tides.
      • Visited the quick-links website where we saw how the seashore changes over time, went virtual beachcoming, and read an online book about the coastline.
      • Found several seashore-related items in the Great Planet Earth Search book on pages 20-21 Scraggy Shore. They LOVE search books!
    • Used the Internet to find information about South Korea.
    • After all the fun stuff, we tackled individual work.

    Thursday-highlight of the day: Valentines Skating Party!!!  Did much else matter to the boys? Not really. 🙂  Nathan played hooky from school so he could go with us and see his homeschool friends. We cleaned the house all morning and then left for the partay!!

    Friday-Daddy came home Thursday night so we scrapped school for the day. LOVE that option! 🙂 We’ll do some catch up next week but SO worth being able to hang out with our favorite guy!

    With all of this lovey dovey Valentines stuff going on this week (that I will admit I LOVE), I woke up with Jesus Loves Me in my head and I was reminded yesterday that the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL comes from above. God gave us the best Valentine gift in the form of His Son because he loves us SO much and wants to spend an eternity with us. He continues to love and forgive us even in the midst of our many failures. Happy Valentines!!  Hope you have a great weekend!!