Flat Stanley!!!

The boys and I signed up for a Flat Stanley adventure on the WTM forum boards last month.   We received our mailing list this week so I had the boys sit down to color their own Flat Stanley to be mailed.  We included a little bio of each boy and some info about our state.  We dropped the package into the mail this afternoon so our Flat Stanleys are now headed to their first destination….California! 

To simplify things, we will receive pictures and information via email from each family as our Flat Stanleys travel the USA and even abroad.  As we receive emails, we will print the pictures and info, and make a Flat Stanley scrapbook!! 

We’ve talked a little about where we’ll take the other families’ FS for pictures as we receive them.  We have some fun local places to take each family.  Besides those, some places the boys suggested were our library, the swimming hole (those paper Flat Stanleys will be screaming “YIKES”!), our Tuesday pizza lunch place, co-op classes (later this fall), sports practice, and the park.

I don’t think the little boys quite understand the concept yet and my oldest is just a tad bored by it.  (but he’s at that age where a LOT *bores* him.  I think he’ll enjoy it as well once we start receiving emails and pictures.)  *I* am very excited about this project and can’t wait for our first email and package!!  🙂 

{Btw……I failed miserably with photos!!  I just plain forgot to take pictures of the boys’ Flat Stanleys before mailing off the package.  We’ll include them in our scrapbook when we get them back at the end!!}