File Folder FUN!!

I love these file folder games!!! I found this website months and months ago but never printed any of the games. I finally printed the Shamrocks Phonics game last month and Kaleb LOVED it! I then forgot about the website until today when I was reminded by another homeschool mom blogger. I printed this Turkey Feathers game off tonight and put it together for Kaleb. It is very simple addition and subtraction. What I LOVE about this is I can print off blank feathers and use it with Gabriel to put the number of feathers with each turkey. Later on I can do the same with some multiplication and division problems! There is also a dino version with larger numbers that I plan on printing at a later date. Right now we are going to focus on these simple numbers until he is comfortable with them.

There are two games that we like to play with the phonics game. In the first game, we just dump all the shamrocks out onto the floor and as he reads each word, he gets to put it back into the correct word family pocket. The second game is a spelling game. He loves spelling!! I take one shamrock out of a pocket and tell him what it is. If he spells the word correctly, he gets to keep the shamrock. If he misspells, we put the word back into the pocket to be spelled again. We have really enjoyed this game!!

I can’t wait to share our experiences with the Turkey Feathers game and other games on the website!