Homeschool Co-op Day & Weekly Review

We had SO much fun with our first vlog.  The boys really got into it.  I wish we could have taken the camera into our co-op classes but I didn’t want to be disruptive or have other children on our video.  We did take a couple pictures!

Last week’s homeschool review:

Can I just say how much I love the Charlotte Mason method?  Every day that we get closer and closer to a full CM schedule, I love homeschooling even more.  I love our schedule right now.  It isn’t perfect…or even near but it is fun and SO educational.  My boys have commented on how much they love school now.  They love all the extra book reading, especially the read-alouds. They are thriving with the shorter work times. Our days are pleasant and organized and lovely.

Monday-Thursday:  Like I said, our schedule is still a work in progress.  As I get an aspect of the CM method down, I add it to our schedule.

Right now, we begin with Bible devo and study.  Then we break into some individual work.  We added a new spelling program, and while I don’t know how CM it is, it is working so well with my boys.  My oldest two at home do that while Drake starts his math.  Then we switch…older boys do math and Drake sits with me for his reading/phonics.  He has some reading disabilities but he is working hard and doing a great job!

Next is the bulk of our group work.  Our schedule rotates some within this group work.  By summer,  I will have the loop schedule figured out and we’ll be flying! After a bit more individual work, we take a break for lunch.  I love that most of our school day is finished by lunch!

After lunch, we do some chores and then enjoy some free time….boys outside, Mom in her craft area. We come back together for snack and literature time.  Then our day is done.  Boys usually back outside until Dad comes home. Or some time on the xbox if the weather is bad.

I still have several things to add.  I’m exploring options for handicrafts, drawing, and music lessons.

Friday:  Right now, we have two hours of co-op in the middle of our morning.  We end at lunch and then do all of our grocery shopping.  Once co-op ends in April, we will add subjects from home again. I’m  not sure how it will look yet though.

I can’t wait to share a more permanent schedule later on.

I hope you enjoy our first Day in the Life video.  We are definitely excited to do more in the future.

See you soon!
Chrsitie 💙