Preschool Corner: letter Hh

Gabriel–3 years, 8 months.

Our memory verse is Psalms 91:4a–He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust.

We read the corresponding story from ABC I Believe at Danielle’s Place. We talked about how God is like a mother hen who stretches her wings out to keep her chicks out of the cold, rain, and wind.  They trust her to keep them safe and warm.  We snuggled with blankets and talked about how God’s love is like a soft blanket wrapped around us all snuggly and warm.  

Gabriel and Kaleb made this really cute hen and chick craft from ABC I Believe as well.  I put them on construction paper so I can add their bible verse.

He and Kaleb cut, glued, and decorated their letter pages with hand prints.

We made haystacks…..with pretzel sticks (because that is what we had on hand).

We had a fun time with some of our preschool activity bags.

We played a few games.  Operation is his all-time favorite right now with the Cars Fishing Game running a close 2nd.

I found this cool printable on Homeschool Creations blog Tuesday night.  I printed, laminated, and cut the cards apart.  Then Gabriel and I sat down to play a couple games.  First I just had him identify the numbers in order and out of order.  Of course in order he just counted to twenty.  He gets 15-19 confused, but did fairly well.  He made it to 11 out of order.  We’ll work on 12-20 now. I asked him then to put the numbers 1-10 in order.  No problems there! 

I asked him to match the numbers 1-10 to the dot cards.  He did amazing!!  He would look at the number and then make an educated guess on the dot cards based on how small or large the number was, most times picking the right card first!  I’ve never seen him do that before.  


We played with the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics letter game.  Gabriel and Drake LOVE game!!  

Gabriel has shown an interest in writing letters so I let him give it a try on the dry erase board.

We read books, books, and more books.

We tried this ABC matching game that I bought from Scholastic….and he LOVED it (so did my toddler!)


Gabriel played with his Color Wonder light paint set and made a beautiful picture.  I thought I had a picture, but I can’t find it now.

We played with color a bit and you can see the pictures and link *HERE*.

A fun week!!  If you would like to see what my older boys are up to, their post is up too!

Circle Time

I have been reading a wonderful blog lately. It has motivated me to get working on my circle time plans. I LOVE circle time. It was my favorite part of the day when I was teaching at a local preschool. I’ve tried several times to have a circle time with my kiddos but it just never worked out. I think because I didn’t plan it as well. Why is it sometimes easier to teach other’s children? lol

Thanks to Preschoolers and Peace, I have been working on putting together our circle time schedule and materials for the upcoming school year. I have tons of materials and have had a blast going through them all….some that I haven’t even touch since buying.

Our circle time theme this year is the alphabet (letter of the week). I will have a kindergartener who needs practice writing his letters and a preschooler who is currently learning his letters and their sounds. My oldest will join us for bible lesson and read-aloud before moving on to his independent work. He will also have a separate, more age appropriate bible time for himself.

I am using a book I bought and mentioned several weeks ago…Hands-On Phonics Activities for Children. We started the book but never really got into it. I’m just going to start over with it when school starts again. Also I am using ABC, I Believe for bible lessons, handwriting for K, simple art projects and math lessons, and fun games. Also we will use our morning board.

I have some other things I would like to add to our circle time. I just haven’t gotten to them yet to see how they will fit in. I would like to keep the time around one hour. I think it we move at a good consistant pace, my three year old will be able to hang in there with us for the duration.

By having circle time first thing in the morning, it will help my feelings of guilt toward the littles on the days when Nathan’s school work commands the majority of my time and attention. Plus I know all of my boys will LOVE it!

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