Circle Time

I have been reading a wonderful blog lately. It has motivated me to get working on my circle time plans. I LOVE circle time. It was my favorite part of the day when I was teaching at a local preschool. I’ve tried several times to have a circle time with my kiddos but it just never worked out. I think because I didn’t plan it as well. Why is it sometimes easier to teach other’s children? lol

Thanks to Preschoolers and Peace, I have been working on putting together our circle time schedule and materials for the upcoming school year. I have tons of materials and have had a blast going through them all….some that I haven’t even touch since buying.

Our circle time theme this year is the alphabet (letter of the week). I will have a kindergartener who needs practice writing his letters and a preschooler who is currently learning his letters and their sounds. My oldest will join us for bible lesson and read-aloud before moving on to his independent work. He will also have a separate, more age appropriate bible time for himself.

I am using a book I bought and mentioned several weeks ago…Hands-On Phonics Activities for Children. We started the book but never really got into it. I’m just going to start over with it when school starts again. Also I am using ABC, I Believe for bible lessons, handwriting for K, simple art projects and math lessons, and fun games. Also we will use our morning board.

I have some other things I would like to add to our circle time. I just haven’t gotten to them yet to see how they will fit in. I would like to keep the time around one hour. I think it we move at a good consistant pace, my three year old will be able to hang in there with us for the duration.

By having circle time first thing in the morning, it will help my feelings of guilt toward the littles on the days when Nathan’s school work commands the majority of my time and attention. Plus I know all of my boys will LOVE it!

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Breakfast board!!!

I LOVE this idea!!!! (Thank you, blog mama!!)

I haven’t finished the 100 chart on the bottom left side or the weather part on the bottom right side. Also in that black spot on the bottom middle, I’m going to add some shapes for Gabriel.

That little skinny area on the right is for birthdays. I covered that area in contact paper so we can use dry erase markers. The dates are little post its.

The bagged cards in the middle are add/subtract fact cards. I velcro’ed the bags to the board. Actually I velcro’ed everything except the yellow straw holder in the middle and the calendar. That way I can change out anything that gets messed up. I also velcro-ed the clock to the page protector in case I decide to use it later in the day. The yellow weather chart below will eventually say at the top “Today’s weather is…” with a box for them to stick a laminated picture of whatever the day’s weather is. Then the month box will show the month’s weather as we go so we can see how things progress.

The bag of cards here are phonics cards. The 100 chart at the bottom isn’t finished yet either.