What We Are Reading-Jan 2019

Disclosure: The links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will make a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. I would never recommend a book that I haven’t read myself or approved for my boys.

You guys! We are reading SO many good books this month. Some are continued from last month, others are new for us, and a few are just the next in the series we’re currently reading. The boys are begging for me to keep reading during our read aloud times and Kaleb keep asking if he has to stop reading his current individual read. That’s good news, right?

So let’s start with our current read alouds. I read a LOT of our books during our group work in the morning. We also have an afternoon read aloud and a bedtime read aloud. Some go along with our history or science or Language Arts and others are just books that I want to read aloud to them. I love reading aloud and the boys enjoy it, too. Even Dad gets invested in our bedtime read alouds!

Our current group work read alouds:

Little Pilgrim’s Progress. We’ve really drawn this one out for too long. Ha! It has super short chapters and we read 1-4 chapters a week. We put it away sometimes and pick up back up other times. We are so close to being finished with it….and they are read to be done. We have absolutely enjoyed it but like I said, seems like we’ve been reading it forever (because we kinda have).

The Chronicles of Narnia! I am excited to be reading this aloud with the boys! I’ve never read them myself so it’s been fun for all of us. It took a bit to get the boys interested. We just finished The Magician’s Nephew and they are HOOKED! I’m so glad because I am too! We started it last fall, just reading a chapter or two a week. It quickly became a fave so we upped to a chapter every school day. We set it aside during December though to pick up some Christmas books (which we’re still reading!). They were super happy to get back to Narnia this month. We are now in the second book in the series: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Tales of Egypt. I have to admit…it’s a tough one to read. I keep having to Google pronounciations! Ha! And it definitely isn’t a favorite among any of us. It’s going along well with our ancient history, though. We are about 1/3 of the way through….and everyone will be happy when we finish it. I have a couple more Ancient Egypt books that I would love to read but I’m not sure we’ll get to them at this point. And that’s fine too. I have MANY Ancient Rome and Greece books that look great!

The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt. Another history read aloud but we are all listening to this one on Audible. My voice can’t handle all of the reading we do as a group in the morning. Ha! I appreciate a little break every now and then.

The Cricket in Times Square. We are reading this in conjunction with our Bravewriter language arts program. We haven’t made it a priority so it’s been slow going. That will change in 2019. We are stepping up our commitment to Bravewriter. I love the program and I know my boys will benefit from it so it needs to be a priority. We are only a few chapters into this book.

Our current afternoon read aloud is The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place book 1: The Mysterious Howling. I have had the first two books in this series for about a year now, but we just started reading it this week. We’re only a few chapters in but I think the boys will love it. They say they need to reserve opinions until they get a few more chapters in. Ha!

Our current bedtime read aloud is The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street. It was our last Christmas read that we just haven’t finished yet. We will easily finish this month and, if they enjoy it, we’ll probably read another book about the Vanderbeekers. I think there are three total?

My boys’ current individual reads:

Kaleb started this school year with the Harry Potter books. They weren’t holding his attention so he switched to a different book after the new year. He is currently reading Hatchet. He LOVES it and asks if he can keep reading after our individual reading time is over. YAY! Of course, it’s right up his alley. He loves books on wilderness survival.

Gabriel will finish up Winter War from the Prince Warriors series by Priscilla Shirer. He has loved this series! He started it when it first came out last year but put it away to read The Outsiders, a book his uncle sent to him that he LOVED so much he’s now re-reading it in his own time. His new individual read is The Sword of Summer from the Magnus Chase series. I hope he loves this series! I want to read it myself!

Drake and Joshua listen to books on Audible. Drake is dyslexic and struggles to read for pleasure. He is doing so much better but still likes to listen to books being read to him. Joshua, of course, is just beginning to read so Audible just makes it easier for everyone. They have been listening to Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin. They are just about finished so I think they will go to Myths that Every Child Should Know.

Drake and I are reading a series he found at a local library sale called The Three Investigators. I don’t know how many are in the series but he found about 10 or so for only 25 cents each. It was the first time he has been interested in any kind of book so I definitely snatched up every one of the books in the series. We are currently reading The Secret of Terror Castle. We take turns reading so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed but still get the feeling of reading on his own. It’s a BIG confidence builder!

Finally, I am always reading some kind of fantasy fiction on Kindle but nothing super spectacular lately. One of my goals for the year is to read more non-fiction. I’m such a book hopper when it comes to non-fiction…reading a chapter or two in one book before jumping over to read a couple chapters in another. I am working through several but my main focus is on Girl, Wash Your Face this week. If I finish that one before the end of the month, I’ll finish Everybody Always by Bob Goff. I’ll share a couple others next month.

See? So. Many. Good. Books! It’s going to be a great reading month. I love it! My read aloud list is always growing and growing…my Amazon book wish lists are insane! Ha! I wish I could read through them faster but I definitely want to enjoy our current reads. I would love to know what you and your family have been reading lately!

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