Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.


Hey you!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  It’s been a rough one but we’re hopeful that we’ve turned a corner.  Our summer will be better than our spring…and winter. 2017 has been full of illness and bad news.

This has been the sickest winter/spring we’ve ever had.  We have faced pneumonia x 3, a stomach bug x 6 (everyone at home got this!! It was terrible!), a flu-like virus x 5, two kidney stones, and strep x 1. We have seen a doctor for illness more times already this year than in the past seventeen years!! We had THREE ER trips! It’s been insane and a little unbelievable.

Literally nothing has gone as planned. We had to take so much time off from school that we are finishing up this month.  The boys don’t seem to mind though. They have decided that our “new school” is so much easier than our “old school”. We finished co-op at the end of April and that created some much needed free time.

I went with my adult son to urgent care in May.  He was having trouble breathing along with other symptoms.  The doctor said they found a nodule in his right lung. He needs a CT scan to find out if it needs further investigation.  Sometimes those young adult children can feel a little invincible.  He has yet to schedule that CT scan which worries me. He still has all the same symptoms so I’m hopefully that he’ll get tired of feeling so bad and finally make that appointment.

The worst news for the spring is the death of a young teen in our homeschool group.  He was my 12 year old’s friend.  Such a joy to be around.  So caring and thoughtful.  Witty and funny. Smart. He died suddenly from unknown causes. One day he was fine and the next he wasn’t.  Kaleb has had such a hard time this past month.  We last saw him on the last day of co-op.  He was in my survival class.  He and Kaleb joked about how, for one day, they are the same age since their birthdays are only one year and one day apart. They had a great day together and, then four days later, he died. The funeral was amazing, definitely a celebration of his short life. His parents are amazing people.  They spoke of faith and peace that passes understanding.  His mom repeatedly said, “…but I trust you, Lord.” Their faith blew me away. Kaleb is doing a little better each day. He has a great support system of family, friends, and youth leaders.  I’m thankful for them.

Baseball started at the first of April and we’re winding down that season.  One of my boys was chosen for the All-Star team for his age group.  We will have two weekends of tournaments this month.

We were suppose to have our house on the market by the summer but we’re behind on that as well.  We have made some progress on the new house site.  I applied for the 911 address last week.  We’ve mapped out where the house, shop, and animal pens will go.  I’m still in shock that the hubs agreed to chickens, goats, and a cow.  He even added ducks to the animal list!

My June plans:

  • Finish 2016-17 school year
  • Once a Year School Planning for 2017-18
  • Paint all the rooms!!
  • Electric on the new house site
  • Plant a small container garden
  • Purchase two goats and three chickens
  • Monthly game night with the adult children and grands  (done…yay!)
  • Backyard cook out with the adult children and grands

Easy peasy, right? I’m actually already working on the OAYP….printing, printing, printing. I hope to share with you our curriculum line up for next year.  It is so different from our usual line up, and I’m excited for another year of fun school. I have paint for a couple of the rooms in the house. Just no time yet to paint!

I’m looking ahead to July…nice, easy, boring July. Ha! I’m praying for a health and happy summer. More time to blog. More time to read. More time to have fun. That’s my prayer.

Hope you are having an awesome start to the month of June.