Week 7: the one that actually included science.

Seven weeks in the books…wow! Time is FLYING!

This was a special week because DADDY WAS HOME!!!!  He had a little bit of work to do and of course he snuck in some humting, but was otherwise the perfect distraction….so it was kind of a light week. 🙂

This was also a super FUN week, filled with science. 


  • All three boys did a fabulous job reciting last week’s verse, and we started on a new one–Mark 12:30-31.
  • Read about Joseph, his brothers, and his coat of many colors in Scripture Adventures, and added a picture to their faith journals.

Kaleb’s page.


    •  We read about the rain cycle, watched an online animation, and worked together to label the water cycle on the whiteboard. Then the boys drew their own version in their science journals.

      Gabriel’s page.


Drake’s page. I did some of the drawing for him and then he colored it.

Kaleb’s page. sorry it’s turned sideways.
  • A little phonics, vocab, grammar, and math finished out the school day.
  • Gabriel had football practice.


  • Heard Gabriel singing “…He will never, never, never let the righteous fall…” to himself while doing math. 🙂 Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Seeds Family Worship?
  • In SA, we talked more about Joseph…from his time as a slave to his jail time when he interpreted the butcher and baker’s dreams.
  • Answered the question “Does God sin?” in Who is God? 
  • Kaleb tackled compound subjects and predicates, and happily diagrammed a few sentences in R&S English.
  • Daddy came home from hunting and went for a run.  Then I went for a midday run and Daddy helped Gabriel finish up ETC and do a OPG lesson while Kaleb finished up English. {getting a little spoiled}
  • Covered time of the Great Canal and the “Golden Age” of China.
  • Kaleb had a football game. 


  • I know we did a full day of school but can’t for the life of me remember what we did.  Apparently I didn’y take any pictures either. Ha!


  • Spent the afternoon at an insect festival.  The boys had SO much fun!!

    See the little sign right below Gabriel’s hand where he’s touching the cotton plant? It’s says “Do not touch the cotton.” *sigh*

  • Gabriel had a football game.


  • No co-op today!!  The church secretary is getting married tomorrow so her family and friends decorated the church today. SO excited for her!!!
  • Kaleb and Gabriel were in the homecoming parade. 🙂 They were SUPER excited!

Science Sunday

Week 6: Full of pictures AND videos!

We had a pretty good week!!

Read aloud: Trumpeter Swan. Gabriel was sure that he wouldn’t like this book for some reason, but only a few chapters in and he was hooked!  They’ve asked that I not only read at bedtime but during lunch as well. 🙂 I knew they all would LOVE it!


  • I recorded all three boys reciting last week’s bible verse. They did SO well!
  • New memory verse: 1 Timothy 4:12. When I introduced the verse to the boys, they mentioned how long it was.  Then I played the song for them, and they decided it wasn’t so bad. 🙂  We searched YouTube and found the video. LOVE!  {more info and a giveaway HERE}
  • We talked about how Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his son, Issac, and because Abraham was obedient, God spared Isaac’s life. We also talked about how Abraham found a wife for Isaac.  The boys (who know a little bit about how Daddy and I met) made up their own stories of how we met and how Daddy proposed.  We made a video and sent it to Daddy so he could hear their stories too.  FUNNY stuff! We asked Daddy to send a video back to us, telling us his side of the story, and I shared my side.  Then we compared the differences between Isaac and Rebekah vs Bo and Christie. 🙂 
  • Pretty boring day of school. We completed almost everything on our list and I didn’t take any pictures.
  • Kaleb had a game. They (3rd & 4th graders) played against another school’s 5th and 6th graders…who were BIG! Kaleb’s team lost but they played well against those bigger boys!!

Tuesday–Great day!!

  • Answered the question: Is God a Person? in Apologia’s Who is God? book. “Although He is a spirit and has no body, God is a person.” Of course the difference between us and God is His perfection.  Where we fail with the following, he does not which is why while He is a person, we are not the same as Him because we are imperfect. I love how much we are learning from this series!!
    • God has thoughts.
    • God has emotions.
    • God knows right from wrong. 
    • God makes choices.
    • God is a spiritual being.
  • We read about Jacob and Esau in Scripture Adventures.  The boys made a diamante poem.  After showing them the example, they came up with this one for Jacob and Esau.

Kaleb’s faith journal entry. I like how he added the bowl of stew in the middle to symbolize Esau trading his birthright for a bowl of stew.

  • Kaleb started diagramming in R&S English. He likes it! I’m excited…I like diagramming too! Can’t wait to see how he feels about it when it gets more complicated.  He likes to see how things go together so he may still enjoy it.
  • Gabriel finished another lesson in ETC. He’s cruising through the book!
  • Gabriel is also doing well with OPG. I’ve noticed that his confidence is grown. I *caught* him reading something outloud the other day and was sure to tell him how awesome he was doing.

  • I brought out the salt box for Drake to start working on letters.  We did Aa, Bb, and Drake. He did GREAT!!  We’ll definitely be getting out the salt box more often! Gabriel wants to use it too. 🙂

  • NO practice or games or other obligations this night!!! We took it easy and I got to run outside instead of on the treadmill.

Wednesday–Daddy was too busy Monday and Tuesday to send us a video about how he and I met and he proposed.  BUT at lunch on Wednesday, we got a BIG surprise!! Daddy sent us two videos! I LOVE these videos! So sweet and special to me.  I asked his permission before sharing. 🙂

I’ll share the video we made of Kaleb, giving us his story of how he thought we met. 🙂  Gabriel and Drake’s were a similar to Kaleb’s.

The rest of our day:

  • Read about Jacob’s ladder in SA. The boys each added a drawing to their faith journals.
Drake’s ladder. Not sure what those spider looking things are. Angels? We talked about how the angels went up and down the ladder in Jacob’s dream.

Kaleb’s picture. He said to point out tht the long grey thing is God’s super long beard. 🙂

Looks like Jacob is jamming to some tunes in Gabriel’s picture. 🙂
  • Still working on our paper mache Earth. We just haven’t had the time to dedicate to this project but slowly and surely we’re getting there. We painted the whole thing blue. Waited for it to dry. Painted it blue again to get good coverage.

  • Gabriel started silent e words (cane, plane, made, etc) in OPG. This was very exciting for him!!  I guess he had been waiting for this day.  He spent a little time on the Starfall  long a, silent e games and story.  I need to dig out the LeapFrog videos so he can watch the one on long vowels!
  • Kaleb covered ordinal numbers and Roman numerals as a review in MM.
  • Drake played with the salt box some more.
  • Read a chapter in SOTW while the boys did a few coloring pages from the activity book. Hoping to do some of the activities next week!


  • Most of the day was spent cleaning, purging, cleaning, purging…you get the idea. TOTALLY cleaned out the school closet!!  Re-organized a lot of it. Hope to do more next week. 
  • While cleaning, Kaleb and Gabriel took turns doing some skip counting, math facts drill, and some other fun math activities. 
  • Packed up a big storage tub of books we don’t need for co-op. SO glad to come home Friday afternoon with just a few of those books left in the tub. 

Friday–CO-OP DAY!!

  • Kaleb and Gabriel both did a lesson in math.
  • Gabriel read more silent e words in OPG.
  • Had a WONDERFUL afternoon at co-op.

I’ve decided to go back to school part time and finish my degree.  I’m excited for a new challenge. In a few weeks, I’m going to start working on making sure I am completely ready for the spring semester in our homeschool so hopefully not much will change.  We love the crafts and extra activities we’re getting to do this year and definitely don’t want to lose those.

Don’t forget to check out my little bitty giveaway!! Have a great week!!