Weekly Weigh-In 2.

Well after a busy birthweek (Gabriel) full of good food and SUGAR, I really didn’t want weigh yesterday.  BUT I did and I was surprised.  While I hoped I had miraculously lost at least one pound, I was afraid I had gained five.  However, I didn’t gain OR lose anything!  I stayed the same! I’ll take it.  Now to get seriously until the next birthweek in four weeks. 🙂

There won’t be much exercise this week as we are out of town but I can watch what I eat….so that is exactly what I am doing.  Hoping to get in two days of walking (Thursday and Friday) and maybe a short easy run on Saturday.

Maybe I can make those numbers move (down) a little next Monday!!

Weekly Weigh-In: It’s gettin’ real up in here. Day 1.

SO! A lot has happened since my last post.  First and foremost, we have a beautiful baby boy!!  He was born May 7th. My sweet little man. Joshua Glenn weighed in at 6 lbs 5 oz and was 19 in long.  He looks just like his younger three brothers did when they were born.  Everyone says he looks just like Gabriel. 🙂

Drake holding Joshua.

Love my baby boy but SO glad to NOT be pregnant anymore!  My energy is back.  All the pain and sickness gone.  He’s two weeks old and I’m ready to get back to the old me. Well the old-right-before-I-found-out-I-was-pregnant me. This me, back at the end of August, after two months of Biggest Loser against the hubs, four weeks before I took a pregnancy test {to rule out a pregnancy…ha!}:

August 2011 172lbs

The one who was working hard on her weight loss goals and feeling FABULOUS! That’s the me I want to be again.

This is me right at 37 weeks:

I weighed 197 when we went to the hospital a week later.

Since I am only two weeks post partum, it will be a slow process for the next four weeks. Then GAME ON!

In the meantime, I’m going to do something I have NEVER done before……post my current weight and *before* pics….online…for all the world to see.  Mostly because I want the motivation to get back in shape and what better way than the pressure of failing in front….the world. Ha!   This is me this afternoon:

As you can see, I have some work to do. 🙂 My current weight is 188.2 lbs.  Ugh.  My goal for the next four weeks is to lose 6lbs.  That is 1.5 lbs a week.  Conservative, but healthy since I’m nursing a baby and do NOT want to mess up my milk supply.  Plus I promised the hubs I’d take it easy until my 6 week check-up.

Back at the end of August, I weighed in at 172. Thankfully I’m a TALL 5’8.5″ so I can carry some weight and not look huge.  My goal is to be 172 again by the end of July.  That’s a total of 16 lbs in 9 weeks which is 1.7 lbs a week….doable! My ultimate weight goal is 145. I want to see how that looks on me before deciding to go any lower.  The hubs thinks that’s too skinny but I’d like to see the 130’s if possible.  I don’t know so for now….145 it is!  I don’t want to be *skinny*.  I want to be strong, fit, and healthy.

To reach my goals:

  • I’m going PRIMAL…following Mark’s Daily Apple.  It’s worked wonders for Bo who has lost about 80lbs.
  • I’m going to walk a 5K at least 3 if not 4 times a week until my doctor clears me to run again.
  • I’m going to RUN again…in four weeks! The hubs has a leg up on me now…..he ran his booty off while I was laid up pregnant.  He likes to brag {all in fun} which he knows motivates my competitive streak.  I just want to beat him!!  I have my work cut out for me.  He’s already beat my best 5K time….to a bloody pulp.  Yeah, it’s on.
  • I’m going to do ZUMBA for Wii!!  YAY! Picked this up today.  Starting off easy peasy and kicking it into high gear in four weeks.
  • I’m going to start lifting….in four weeks.

I’m SOOOO excited to get back to working out!!  The eating right part kind of stinks…no more Twizzlers.  Oh well….I’ll have a cheat day every now and then. 🙂  Hopefully around finishing up schoolwork, summer activities, and taking care of a teeny tiny…I’ll have time to blog weekly on my results. AND get back to my weekly school reports….I need the motivation!

Wish me luck!!! 🙂