The Plan for the Week.

Well I didn’t have much of a plan for last week other than schoolwork, one soccer practice, and Friday co-op.  I thought I’d get a lot of computer work and printing done since we would be home so much. Also thought I’d get some deep house cleaning done.  Monday started off great. Tuesday wasn’t too bad until the afternoon.  Then Baby Boy moved back onto my sciatic nerve and that was the end of my week.  I spent most of the time in bed, lying on the opposite side, desperately trying to relieve the terrible pain.  When the pain got so bad that I could’t stand being in bed, I hobbled to my desk chair and sat there until I could no longer stand that…..then back to bed.  This was just about all I accomplished. Thankfully my husband got to come home Thursday evening and take over parenting responsibilities. By Friday I was actually feeling well enough to take the boys to co-op, and by Saturday, I felt a lot better.  Funny how that works… husband comes home and I get better. 🙂  We ended up having a great weekend even if the week didn’t go so well. 

I’ve had minimal pain all weekend and I hope it stays that way because this is going to be a BUSY week with three boys in sports and Easter coming up!!

Full day of schoolwork.
Getting everything together to do our personal and business taxes.
Payroll and invoice emails.
Baseball practice for Kaleb.

Early morning doctor’s appointment and ultrasound.  I’m taking the boys…they will LOVE it!!
Three R’s.
Baseball practice for Gabriel.

All day field trip!!!

Full day of schoolwork.
Soccer practice for Nathan.

Co-op classes.
Grocery shopping.

Youth Turkey Hunt!!  This doesn’t actually involve me and I’ll sleep through most of it anyway. 😉  However Kaleb and Daddy will have a blast in the woods, I’m sure.
Church Easter Egg Hunt and Lunch!!!
Nathan’s soccer game!!!

Easter dinner at the inlaws!!!

Also everyday I will continue printing for next school year.  I started last week and actually got quite a bit done while I was sitting at my desk, trying to relieve pain. Ha! I printed Kaleb’s Math Mammoth worktexts 3A & 3B and several ABC things for Drake. I would love to be completely organized and ready for the school year before the end of April.  Usually I print during the summer but I’d much rather spend that time getting to know the newest member of our family when he arrives.  I’m also working on getting all of our K-4 children’s ministry curriculum edited and printed through June.  So far I only managed to the end of April.  Hopefully I’ll completely finish May and June this week.

I would LOVE to get in a few Easter crafts and projects this week too.  I need to get some Easter gifts together for my leaders at church and bake some goodies for the kiddos.

I haven’t even had a minute to plan (or shop) for meals yet.  With all of those practices, it looks like most nights will be crockpot or sandwich meals anyway.

It’s definitely going to be a FUN BUSY week!!!  🙂  Can’t wait!