Closing out the 2009-2010 school year! And the new line-up…

We like schooling year around with a lot of nice breaks in the mix.  When we complete a level, we just move to the next.  Sometimes we’ll take a small break from the subject, sometimes not.  Just depends on how things are going.  Nathan finished up his math last month and asked to take off the month of May from math.  After such a challenging year for him and some major successes, I thought he deserved just that and he is enjoying his time off.

We’re pretty much in the middle of everything else but science.  Between co-op and sports, we just never could get it started.  We WILL get started next week!!  (that’s the plan anyway)

So our official school year will end this Thursday with Kaleb’s kindergarten graduation.  He is SO excited!!  Our homeschool group usually has one every year and this year I am heading it up.  There are only three prek’ners and k’ners participating so we’re making it easy and fun.  A trip to the park, pictures with a graduation cap and balloons, homemade personalized cookie cakes, and lots of playtime!

Then I will officially have a 7th grader, 1st grader, preschooler, and toddler.  🙂

We’re going to concentrate this summer on getting finished with SOTW 1, getting started with Apologia Botany, math, and reading.

The 2010-2011 curriculum line-up looks like this:

Saxon 76 and 87/supp with some MM 5 and 6
R&S English 5 and 6
(still considering Lightening Lit)
(still working on a writing program to supplement R&S English…maybe Writing Strands?)
Vocab notebook from literature, history, and science
French (independently)
Apologia General Science (SO looking forward to this!)
Apologia Botany (finish up with the littles)
Dig Deep and then I’m not sure where we’ll go from there.

MM 1 and 2
A Reason for Handwriting
Apologia Botany
Galloping the Globe (which will cover most of his art and science after Botany)

OPGTR (very slowly….)
ETC primers
LeapFrog videos and games
Apologia Botany (when he wants to participate)
Galloping the Globe

Keys for Kids
AO composer study, artist study, nature study, hymns, folksongs, etc.
The Learnables Spanish
Thinking seriously about doing 1+1+1=1’s Raising Rock Stars bible study with the younger three.  If not, I’ll have to find something else for them.

Is that all?  I think so.

I’m most excited about Nathan’s science, Spanish, and Galloping the Globe!!  I am working hard at putting together books lists for each of the boys and getting the year all planned.  The best piece of advice I read (on a blog but I forget where….) on preparing for the next school year was to do all of the copying, organizing, and planning for the whole year during the summer.  Get it all done so there is no last minute scrambling and searching…or much anyway. I already got a head start!!  Every weekend I do a little more so that come July and our first day of the new school year, we’ll be all ready to go!  I’ve also been working on getting our school room re-organized to make it work better for us.  Labeling, labeling, labeling everything!!

Our workboxes made it through the year with us although we went from file folders to these.  We will definitely be keeping them!  The fact is……we get SO much more work done when we are using our tweaked workbox system!!  Gabriel will soon have his own set of workboxes and I might even get some for Drake to keep his little tot tray activities better organized.

YAY!!  Our 2nd year of homeschooling is coming to an end.  Very excited to get our 3rd year planned and ready!