Week 34: April 19-23

Not a lot of time so this is going to be short and to the point.

Good week!  We accomplished a decent amount and had some fun in between.

….has just a few lessons left to finish up Saxon Math 65.  Then he’ll get a month off before diving into 76.
….didn’t get back to R&S English this week.  Next week!
….is STILL liking guitar lessons.  This is good since he easily becomes bored with hobbies.  I’m hoping this one sticks.  I may just help it stick to be sure.  😉

….is rocking through OPG.  Loving all those vowel combinations!  Hit lesson 94 yesterday.
….is moving fast through these first lessons in MM.  He’s doing about two pages a day right now. 

We didn’t get to Apologia, but we have been observing our plants. 
History is non-existent in our home right now.  Next week!

We saw the coolest thing today.  The UP Steam locomotive No. 844 is making its last trip before retiring.  We got to see it pass through our little town this afternoon.  We were about 10 feet from the tracks.  It was loud and moving a lot faster than planned (late for a ceremony).  The boys LOVED it!

Week 31-33: Computer meltdown.

I haven’t been blogging because a nasty virus attacked my laptop at the end of last month.  I couldn’t even get it to turn on!!  Our desktop is a super slow ancient dinosaur and doesn’t do well with blogs.  My stepson who is finishing his degree in computer programming offered to fix my laptop for me and now it is as good as new!! 🙂

The last few weeks have been pretty busy.  Co-op classes are still fabulous, and baseball practice x2 is in full swing.  I have to admit, not near enough schoolwork was accomplished so we are hitting it hard for the next couple of weeks.  I have tried and tried to start the Apologia Botany study with no luck.  I just can’t seem to fit it in!  We got away from our workboxes again, and of course that is the root of our problem.  I can’t believe how well the workboxes *work* for us!  …..when we stick to them.

I did make one BIG change for Kaleb.  I purchased the whole set of Math Mammoth through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op last month.  We have officially ditched Saxon’s younger years.  Still love Saxon 54 and above, but SO glad to be rid of K-3.  Kaleb is breezing through MM 1 right now, and we are working on memorizing math facts and skip counting.  He loves MM just as much if not more than Saxon and I really like it a lot better too.  I know a lot of people like to supplement MM with Saxon, Singapore, and others, but I think we’ll just stick with the one program for now.  My plan is to introduce Saxon 54 in the 3rd grade so until then we will just supplement with fun math games and living books.

OPG and ETC are going well as usual.  He is working through ETC 2 1/2 right now and will finish it soon.  We have spent some extra time with the vowel pairs in OPG just to make sure he has them down.  We finished through Lesson 91 this past week. 

Nathan is finally finishing up Math 65.  It has gone a lot slower than I thought, but he is doing SO well.  We agreed to take the month of May off from math and start in June with Math 76.  MM Fractions is still going well and I hope to have it finished by the end of the summer.  Then I think we’ll use MM 5 & 6 as a review alongside Saxon.  I’m thinking about getting Life of Fred after that.  I think he would love some FUN math!!

We are slowly creeping through the ancients.  We aren’t doing as well as we should here.  I’ve moved to a two day a week schedule and it is working better, especially with co-op being on Friday.  I plan to have the same two day schedule with Botany when we get back into it.

Nathan has been taking some time off from R&S English.  We’re getting back to it this week though. 

Gabriel has been working on counting to 20.  He skips 13 and 17 every time!!  🙂  He’s getting there though.  We are {finally} getting back to ABC I Believe this week.  He has also been enjoying his preschool activity bags.  I really need to make some more for him!  I would love to find another swap to join.

Drake amazed his daddy this weekend by counting to 5 and saying a good part of the alphabet.  I love how spongy little kids are!!!  🙂 

I think that is about it.  We have spent an insane amount of time outdoors.  Charlotte Mason would be proud!  The weather has been so nice lately.  I have several pictures to share!!  I will catch up on those at the end of this week when I have a little more time. 

Happy Spring!!!