The Ant Craze.

I sent Nathan out to start mowing for me this morning. He ran back inside and said the lawnmover was covered in ants. Yeah, right. I seriously thought he was just trying to avoid having to mow. I went out to see for myself and, sure enough, a HUGE ant colony had moved into the handle of the push mower! They were everywhere! After he pulled the mower into the driveway, they went crazy!

I started to just use ant spray but I saw quickly that it wasn’t working very well. They just kept pouring out of the holes in the handle. I had to use a water hose and flush them out. I have never in my life seen so many ants in one place!

I took this short video with my cell phone before spraying the mower. It is blurry but you can see all the movement.


Week 5—-Sept 7-11

Kaleb’s drawing and narration of Mercury written by Mom.Gabriel’s drawing of Mercury.

Nathan also has a very good drawing of Mercury and a narration that I suppose I will have to share next week since I failed to take a picture of it. =)

We took last week off to enjoy a trip to visit Daddy. We just decided since we had completed our first four weeks of school that we would not take books with us and just have fun. Nathan did end up doing some math and we did a little science because they asked, but over all we just had fun with Dad.

Nathan hit the books hard this week and will continue to for the rest of this month. He does so much better when his schedule is full and he stays busy. He accomplished a lot this week and did well.
*R&S English–Lessons 8-12. It appears that we haven’t made much progress in the past five weeks, but we have taken this very, very slowly. I have added various worksheets I found online for a few of the lessons just to make sure he is retaining. Grammar is a huge struggle for him since he didn’t receive (or retain) much while in public school. We will continue to take it slowly until he feels comfortable enough to speed up.
*Saxon math–he completed six lessons this week. He is doing great in math!! I love being able to say that because it has been a struggle in the past. Saxon math with some MEP supplementing has been the ticket for Nathan this year.
*R&S spelling–trucking along with a lesson a week here. Doing well. Nothing exciting to report. =)
*Wordly Wise–completed a lesson this week. He does not like WW at all but we saw good results with the program last year so we will continue on this year. Thanks to a post on the WTM boards, now have this great supplement that I think will make it a little more interesting.

I have been very relaxed with Kaleb this week. We have played a lot of math and phonics games. Gabriel has even joined us in a few. We didn’t start the neighborhood teacher bag activities yet because our library was a little slow on getting the books I requested. I decided to put it off until next week when I will have all of our resources together.
*OPGTR–we are taking a little break from the book to review those cvc words before moving on. He is reading BOB books and doing very well. We have also been using some homemade flash cards and doing some verbal spelling. He LOVES spelling!!
*ETC–He completed six pages. I started writing the words with a highlighter beforehand to make it a bit easier for him. He is doing very well though. He believes his handwriting is very sloppy and gets frustrated with himself. I try to just encourage and reassure him. Truly he is doing wonderfully!!
*Saxon/MEP–we have just played games this week. I have been reading more on living math, and will be implementing more into our weeks as we go. Once we get back to OPGTR, we will get back to our math books.
*ABC lessons–Letter Ee this week. We are learning all about elephants and I have thrown in some Elmo for fun. Bible verse–Phil 2:15b-“amoung whom ye shine as lights in the world.” We have so many resources still to use for this week so Ee may carry over into next week.

*Apologia Astronomy–we finished up Mercury last week and have dug into Venus this week. It is so fun to hear Kaleb tell people about the sun and planets we have studied so far. All three boys and I are really enjoying this year’s science program.
*Mystery of History–It seems history is constantly being put on the back burner here. We are getting a lesson in here and there, but not keeping up with the schedule at all. We will get back on track next week and make it more of a priority. Nathan has been doing well with reading the supplement books I have requested from the library though.
*SOTW–After a rocky start, we are still listening in to the cds. I had thought to put it away for another time because Kaleb was getting so confused with the myths vs real history. On our drive to and from our trip, we listened to quite a bit with frequent stops to discuss the stories and share thoughts. It is actually working out very well so we will continue….in a couple of weeks. We are SEVERAL years ahead of Mystery of History after our six hour round trip last week!

Co-op classes start Friday afternoon. We are SO very excited!! We participated in co-op last year with a different, much smaller group. This year should be much more fun for all of us!!

Both Nathan and Kaleb are now signed up for soccer and golf for the fall. Soccer practice was suppose to start Thursday but was canceled due to weather. Golf lessons start October 1st.

September Book Bag 2009

K and G are going to LOVE this month’s book bag!! I have never purchased one of these before but was really impressed with the amount of activities and such included in this one.

We will learn about our neighborhood this month! We will explore our home, the fire station, police station, and post office! My boys LOVE firefighters and police officers so I know they will enjoy themselves. We are taking a field trip with our homeschool group to the fire station later in the month and we will check out the police station and post office ourselves.

I have the notebook with the file folder map pieces printed and ready to go! I will post pictures of our adventures here this month as we work our way around the map.

This week is an overview of our neighborhood. Our activities will include a daily walk in different directions and a map drawing of our own neighborhood with stars on the boys’ friends houses and a heart on our house.

Some of our library selections are:

Are You My Neighbor? Veggie Tales dvd–a lesson on loving thy neighbor.
Franklin’s Neighborhood
Pooh’s Neighborhood
Biscuit Meets the Neighbors
This is My Town
New Neighbors for Nora
Loudmouth George and the New Neighbors
Good Neighbors

letter Ee activities

I have found so many fun things to do this next week with the letter Ee!

First, Danielle’s Place homeschool letter Ee bible lesson focuses on Elephants. I just have to say, I think this is a wonderful resource!! The $12.95 is well worth the cost of this program! We have several activities to do this week from here including some copywork, several elephant crafts, and a game or two as well as the bible lesson and memory verse.

I found my letter template at DLTK’s Letter E Crafts for Kids as well as the Elmo tp craft we will do later this week.

I pulled a few activities from Homeschool Share’s Elephant Lapbook.

Egg match game here
. I am going to make a copy of both the colored and b&w. The color copy will be for the game and the b&w will be for the boys to color for their tactile Ee page.

I have my HUGE list of library books on hold for this week. A few of our selections:

African elephant : the world’s biggest land mammal
What Elephant?
An Elephant Grows Up
Elephants of Africa
Elephants Can Not Dance
The Blind Man and the Elephant
Edsel the Elephant Who Learned to Share
Basha Elephant Baby
Never Ride Your Elephant to School
When Elephant Goes to a Party
Also a few on Elmo and Ernie from Sesame Street.

This will be a VERY fun week for us!! I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures and add them next weekend!