Fire Station Field Trip

The boys LOVED the fire station field trip. We started in living area of the station–living room, dining area, and kitchen. Gabriel loved that there was a vending machine in the kitchen and, for some reason, Kaleb was blown away by the fact that they had a tv in the room. While we were in the living area, they did a test bell for us and the boys agreed it was LOUD! Then we saw the battalion chief’s office and personal space, the bathroom and showers, and the workout room (Kaleb was impressed with the punching bag). We went to the *bedroom* area and out to the garage where all the trucks were.

We learned about each truck and got to see inside the storage compartments on each. We saw what a fireman all dressed up for a fire looks and sounds (with the oxygen tank) like. One of the firemen turned on the lights and sirens on the ladder truck which immediately stopped all traffic in the area! I think people were a bit confused when they turned it off. =)

Then we went to the smoke house and each of the children (and adults if they wanted) went through smoke house to experience what it would be like in a house on fire. Nathan was the awesome big brother and took Kaleb and Gabriel while I stayed out with Drake. The firemen talked about the importance of crawling and testing the temperature of a door before opening it. They also talked about smoke detectors in the home and having an exit plan, as well as a special meeting place.

After that, Kaleb and Gabriel were allowed to pull the horn in the laddar truck!! I think that was a high point of the day for both little boys!

Below is a slide show of our field trip!

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