I did it!! I made a lapbook!!!

….And then I accidentally deleted the file. Yeah, I’m super cool that way…..

I did, however, manage to print a copy of everything before I lost my mind and all computer skills. I was inspired to make one by Mama Jenn. I am loving her file folder games!! My grandbaby, Emily, (my husband is a bit older than me and has two grown boys) having her 2nd birthday party tomorrow and I wanted to make something special for her. Her mom is super crafty and fun so I tried to think of something that maybe she hadn’t thought about yet. After I figured out I wanted to make a tot lapbook, I just KNEW I needed to find a Dora the Explorer one because Miss Em loves Dora!! I couldn’t find on anywhere online so I decided to make my own!!

Here it is!!!


The inside. I tried to cover all the basic toddler stuff–shapes, sequencing, colors, abc’s, 123’s, and her name.
Close up of the cards pulled out.

Color cards. I just used the colors of the rainbow to make it easy.

Her name! I LOVE this!! =) I used ribbon to put the cards together and then more ribbon to hold it together.

Can you believe I DELETED this???? I am upset with myself but now at least Emily will have her very own one-of-a-kind lapbook!! I am SO excited to give it to her tomorrow!!!

5 thoughts on “I did it!! I made a lapbook!!!

  1. This is great!!!!! I am sure Emily will LOVE it!!! You know, I never thought about making tot books/lapbooks as gifts!!! Hmmmmm….now you really have me thinking!!! {smile}


  2. Very cute!! I tried a lapbook once with my oldest but that quickly fell to the wayside. I'm not so crafty and a tad lazy. I've been using History/Literature pockets with her. Less prep for me. LOL

    I'm considering trying lapbooks again when my tots old enough. At least until she's old enough for HPs. LOL I am going to make her some file folder games soon though.


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