Week 6–Sept 14-18

You know how as the day ends you think “man, we sure didn’t accomplish much today,” but then you look at the week on Friday and see just how much was accomplished? That was our week….or maybe things just went more smoothly than I expect. I don’t know but we did get A LOT accomplished this week!!

*Math-completed four lessons this week. He is getting back into those fractions that gave him such a hard time last year, but he is doing very well. I have also found some living math resources to help. A HUGE thank you to Jimmie and all of her resources. I enjoyed her links here too.
*R&S English-completed lessons 13-15 and many worksheets (both from the workbox and online printables).
*R&S Spelling-completed lesson 4.
*WW-completed lesson 4.

*Math-continuing to do some fun math games. I printed off a wonderful math lapbook from File Folder Fun. We will start Saxon 1 next week.
*ETC-he continues to do page after page in his book. I require only 1-2 pages a day, and then let him do another 1-2 if he wants. He really loves his ETC!
*OPGTR-We are still on break from this as we work on cvc words. His reading is really coming along and I think we will be back to OPG after next week! We have been going back a few lessons and reading the stories. He is finally getting that those words actually are part of a story! He is also reading at least one BOB book a day.
*ABC lessons-We stuck with the letter Ee this week since we had so many projects to finish. I’m glad we did. We have been able to use the bible lesson in a couple situations this week.

Circle time-
I have spent a good deal of this week getting the school room put back together after we switched some rooms around. Everything is on it’s way to being much more organized and accessible! Our circle time has been very short as a result because all the materials are in the school room that has been in disarray all week. I breezed in with the littles, did a little calendar, and scooted everyone out.

Kaleb and Gabriel did start their Neighborhood activities this week though! They are LOVING it! Next week we will take a field trip with our homeschool group to a fire station. They are super excited about that!! Since the trip is next week and we haven’t moved along very quickly with the activities, we’re going out of order next week to learn all about the Fire Station while the field trip is fresh in their minds and we’ll do the home section the following week.

Astronomy-We’re finishing up Ch 4 Venus this week. We have enjoyed learning about Earth’s “twin.” The boys LOVED the lava experiment. They were all very excited to show Dad when he got home Tuesday afternoon.
MOH-completed lessons 11-15. We read my FAVORITE bible stories from Abraham to Joseph.

Another GREAT week of co-op!
Nathan is loving his rocket science class. Today they made little hollow rockets out of paper and used straws to *shoot* them across the room by blowing into the straws. He is really enjoying backgammon! I am a little shocked by that because I truly didn’t expect him to like it so much. His CSI class is still a HUGE hit. They walked into a crime scene in their room today!! Now they are trying to find the guilty shoe!
Kaleb really enjoys his history class. His teacher is AWESOME and quickly developed a soft spot for my little man which I LOVE! She said he keeps the conversation going and gets the other children involved (when he isn’t busy hogging the spotlight). He brought home a bunch of little fun art activities from his art class! So cute!! They are doing some really fun things in that class. He had much more fun in his game class this week! I was a little concerned because he really didn’t enjoy last week. He played Candy Land and another game. Much better, he said! He is a Candy Land guy!!
I’m not sure what Gabriel did today! lol His classroom is right next to mine so I DO know that he did a LOT of talking today! I couldn’t make out what he was saying every time but he was definitely enjoying himself. When I asked him about his day, he said he played Tic Tac Toe….and that is ALL I have managed to get out of him so far! =)
Drake had a LONG nap during co-op. I had him and a baby girl today and both napped at the same time!! It was like a little mini-break for me! =) I read a magazine and cleaned up the room while they napped. Then we went outside to play for a long while. Drake didn’t want to go back into the room so we roamed the hallways until it was time to go.
Today was our day to help with clean-up. The three older boys were VERY helpful as I had to hold Drake the whole time to keep him from running off (I guess he wasn’t finished hall roaming!).
Our homeschool group had a WONDERFUL mom’s night out last night! We had tons of door prizes, pizza, and salad and dessert bars, AND each mom received a beautiful tote bag full of goodies. Then we brainstormed ideas for the upcoming year. It was GREAT!! I enjoyed the time with other moms!! I LOVE our homeschool group!!!!!!

Below is a slide show of our week:

Apple lapbook and shape lapbook ideas came from Mama Jenn.

For some reason, the apple file folder picture won’t show in the slide. Here it is:


2 thoughts on “Week 6–Sept 14-18

  1. Sounds like a GREAT week!!! I love the Elmo!!! Where did you get that? My kiddos would love to make it!!! Also, where did you find the magazine containers? I have been on the hunt for them. Oh and I love your version of the versions of the file folder games!!!


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