4th of July activities

This 4th is a special one for our family!! Kaleb turns five on the 29th of June and requested a 4th of July/birthday celebration party. My birthday is July 2nd and he asked that we share a party too!!! Grilling, cake, ice cream, fourwheeler trailer rides, s’mores by the fire, fireworks, and camping with family and friends! I picked up all of the decorations (which aren’t many considering we’ll be outside), plates, and napkins from the Dollar Tree.
For the week before, I printed off some lapbook materials from Lapbook Lessons and the Live and Learn Press yahoo group. Plus I found some other printables at Enchanted Learning. I didn’t print everything from the LNL lapbook…just choose a few things.
Some other ideas for the week:
  • bake and decorate star-and flag-shaped sugar cookies
  • crafts from Enchanted Learning
  • coloring sheets printed from the internet (google)

I love the idea of having a mini-parade!! We may do that too!!

Mostly we’re looking forward to the big party on Saturday night! Kaleb requested an “Air Force.” I’m still working that out in my head! =)

Happy 4th!!

One thought on “4th of July activities

  1. Oh, how fun! My eldest son's bday is the 27th of June and my youngest son's is the 8th of July-so we often do a group party on the fourth (and believe it or not-both of em were due on the 4th, obviously tho-neither arrived then-lol).

    Thanks for partaking. I like the flag cookie idea! Thanks


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