Our first school year is official over.

Nathan’s 5th grade year is over. I didn’t plan on any specific day as the “last day” but we’ve just sort of slowed down to nothing. lol He’s finished everything but math. We both are ready for a break so we’ll pick up where we left off June 1st. He may continue to do a page or two here and there, but I’m not pushing anything.
Kaleb’s last preschool days are also over. He will a kindergartener in just a few weeks!! It seems sort of unreal to me. lol He will probably continue with ETC because he enjoys it and can do it independently for the most part.
I am still working on next school year’s plans. I’m about 90% finished. As much as I dont’ want to, we’re waiting to start MOH in August so the Christmas and Easter sections fall in place at the appropriate times. We’re also putting off Latin until later. We’ll jump back in with everything else on June 1st!
Happy End of the Year to us!!!

Manage all those flash cards.

We have several different flash cards that we like to use. Most are preschool/kindergarten flash cards for my 4 and 2 year old boys.

Until a recent trip to my sister-in-law’s house, we had trouble keeping up with them. My super smart sil hole-punched all of their flash cards and put them on metal rings (we use curtain rings).

Wow!! How easy is that? Now my boys can easily flip through their flash cards without losing them under the couch!!

Thanks sil!!! =)